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Amazing service! Everyone was incredibly helpful and the process went smoothly. Everything was completed in 15min in the comfort of my home! I Would recommend over Carmax or any other car trade in company. - Jared L, Woodland Hills

I just sold my car to Overbid for the second time. The first time, they offered me $2,000 more than Carmax and were super low pressure. Then today I went in and sold my current car and got $2,700 more. 100% Recommend! - Kathy R, Atwater Village

Got the best price and selling was super easy. The service was really good too! Will definitely sell my car here again in the future. - Adam Z, Burbank

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Overbid. I’ve dealt with car buying and selling for a long time and I can say with confidence that Overbid is miles ahead of the competition. - Riccardo C, Glendale

This company is legit. I have traded in and sold plenty of cars in my lifetime and this one has to be the easiest transaction by far. It was so smooth that my fear was it was too good to be true. - Kevin A, Pasadena

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the entire appraisal process take?

From start to finish, it takes about 15min to receive a final offer.

What if my car is financed or leased?

We will purchase your leased/financed vehicle. We will need your 10 day payoff quote from your automobile lender including your account number. Payoff quote can also be obtained upon preparing your transfer documents. All individuals listed as registered owner/owners, cosigner or co-applicant need to be present to sign off on transfer documents and pay-off authorization form. If any of the registered owners, cosigner or co-applicant cannot be present, please contact our business office prior to your visit to see if an override can be made. If there is negative equity on the payoff, we must collect the deficiency prior to paying off the vehicle. If by chance there is positive equity, we will write a separate check to you.

What if I can’t locate my vehicle Title?

Not a problem at all. We will bring the necessary paperwork in order to purchase your vehicle.

Does my registration need to be current in order to sell my car?

Nope, our team does all the work. We can access DMV information directly to gather all the necessary information on your vehicle for you.

When will I receive my check?

Your check will be written in person at the time of offer acceptance.

How are you different than Carmax?

Since we don’t sell to retail customers, we don’t have the overhead that Carmax does. As a result, we can afford to pay more for your car. Our team is changing the car selling experience by coming to you and making the process as simple as possible. No need to leave the house, no need to negotiate, no need to deal with lowballers.

How is OVERBID the easiest way to sell a car?

The entire process takes only 30min. After you receive your online offer, schedule an appointment for our mobile appraiser to come to you. Our physical inspection only takes 10 min. After offer acceptance, all necessary paperwork will be completed in 5 min and THAT’S IT. The entire process is completed.

What should I have ready when you come for your in-person inspection?

Your vehicle Title, Registration, All Keys/Key Fobs, and a Valid Photo ID For vehicles that are financed, we will need your payoff quote from your lender including your account number. For vehicles that are leased, we will need your buyout information.

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